In the Running


Because I have been on blogging vacation for so long, I am going to do multiple posts today! I had something really exciting to share. During the fall, I signed up for my first official marathon! The Nashville Country Music Marathon to be exact! It is on April 28th and training is well underway! I had 14 miles on Saturday and am feeling good! I am realizing how much of a mental test this going to be. Towards the end of my long runs, the only thing that holds me back is myself calculating the number of miles I will still have left to run on the actual race day…don’t do that! It brings you down! Perhaps I should practice what I preach! This is something that I really want to accomplish and I am going to do my very best. Sometimes you have to take on new challenges in order to keep your healthy lifestyle and fitness regime exciting. What have all of you been doing to keep yourselves on track??

Stay Healthy,



I’m Back!


Hello…again! So, I took a little 5 month hiatus if you hadn’t noticed, but my good friend, Amy, motivated me with her blogging endeavers to get this thing going again! Amy also just started blogging so you should check out her page,

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here is SE Ohio. A perfect day for Findley and I’s Sunday walk. Have you met Findley? I don’t think you have! Blogging friends, meet Findley. Findley, meet my blogging friends!

He is the best 4-legged friend anyone could have! He spends his days sleeping,eating,chewing and wandering to nearby houses to make new friends. Gotta love him!

Hello world!


Well, this is officially day 1 of Backroad a la mode! (<–Don’t mind me not using the proper accents) If you are reading this, I am so greatful and hope you enjoy it enough to stick around as I try and make it through my first blogging experience. I would love to hear from any readers as much as you hear from me, so post away! Lace up your running shoes and tighten up that apron because here we go!!!